Hot Tub Health Benefits

Everybody knows that hot tubs provide relaxation and pleasure but did you know spa hydrotherapy provides physical health advantages which go much deeper?

Whether you are employing an inflatable spa or a rigid hot tub the benefits will be the same. The inflatable Lay-Z-Spa range actively promotes a wholesome lifestyle and represents a significantly better value option to customers than traditional fixed hot tubs, spas and Jacuzzis on the market, without compromising on the health benefits.

Often approved for the next conditions: Arthritis, Stress, Headaches, Diabetes, Muscles and Joint injuries, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Scoliosis, and Fibromyalgia.

The 40 degree warm water of the Lay-Z-Spa spa really helps to stimulate your body and release endorphins; we all know that a long hot bath is obviously the best cure for a good night’s sleep! Combine the hot water with the Lay Z massage water jets of the Lay-Z-Spa inflatable pool and you have found therapeutic spa heaven! Evidence has suggested that heat can help your arteries to open up and reduce blood pressure whilst the massage jets stimulate better circulation. The buoyancy of the water also really helps to give the feeling of weightlessness and take pressure off joints and limbs.

Skin and muscles loosen and relax from the increased circulation when in the tepid to warm water of an inflatable spa. The gentle massaging jets increase blood circulation to injured areas, bringing much needed nutrients to help repair the damage. Powerful hydrojets are simply perfect for the hydrotherapy sessions many athletes now use within their recovery training programmes.

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For conditions such as arthritis simply taking the pressure off joints in a spa provides relief of symptoms and can increase ability to perform daily tasks with an increase of ease.

Sleep Therapy
Sitting in a hot tubs Lexington SC raises the body temperature and the weightlessness caused by the buoyancy of water can be deeply relaxing creating the right conditions for a deeper sleep. Studies also suggest that once the body temperature has dropped on leaving the lightweight spa that temperature change could also induce a deeper sleep. Look at a full length spa which means you can recline for optimal relaxation before bed.

Type 2 Diabetes & Hot Tubs
Recent studies show that with continued use of hot tub therapy of up to 30 minutes each day can help with type 2 diabetes by lowering glucose levels. However this does come with a warning; as a drop in blood sugar may well not be immediately apparent until an individual has exited the tub, with this is mind we’d help you leave your lay-z-spa spa slowly but surely and seek proper medical advice before using a spa in order to sense and appreciate the benefits associated with this wonderful spa hydrotherapy.