Step-by-Step Guide for Packing and Moving your Artwork

The essential equipment and tools include Markers, Boxes in multiple sizes, Masking tape, Brown packing paper, Bubble wrap, and Packing tape. The first thing you need to do is to match the your paintings (artwork) in a group and pack them together. If you are having the large pieces then you must need to pack each piece in a separate box that should be larger in size than the size of your frame. The best option is to buy specialty boxes but if you don’t buy them, get some used boxes flattened in.

Mark the glass with an ‘X’ with packing tape (if the frame has glass covering) that would be helpful to control shattering and moving the glass around anywhere during the moving process. Next step is to secure the painted face by covering it with several layers of wrap and this practice is for all those paintings that don’t have the glass covering.

Wrap artwork with paper and bubble wrap by laying the frame glass side against the paper and wrapping the ends against the paper but never try to do this with newspaper as it would leave marks on your artwork. Secure the packing with a tape to ensure that the paper will stay in their accurate place, and then repeat the same process by using the bubble wrap.

If you have a collection of small photos and you want to pack them, then wrap each one in packing paper so that the glass remains protected during the move. If you are worried about the corner, purchase the cardboard corner protector to secure them and seal the box. Before sealing the box, never forget to check the remaining spaces in the box, and if you find it then fill it by using newspaper or bubble paper. Once you have sealed the box, mark it with the content inside it and position the box in the truck. If you are looking for assistance hire best A+ movers for further assistance.

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