How to Install a Garage Door

In this article, you will find the step-by-step guide to install a garage door without any hassle. Before beginning the process, you need to install a standard single 8-foot wide 7-foot-high non-insulated garage door by using extension springs. Equipment / Tools that you have to arrange include Wrench set, Hammer, Drill, Bubble level, Step ladder, Safety glasses, Garage door, 8-foot wide by 7-foot high (four sections), Nails, 3-inch, and Shims.

First of all, remove the garage door and prepare the opening by making sure that the garage door header is level, and the sides are vertical. Prepare the bottom door section with rubber weatherstripping and pull out the bottom section. After pulling it out, keep it under the blankets and locate the two metal brackets on both the left and right sides. Attach the metal brackets with provided screws and locate two of hinges, then connect them to the other long edge of the door section.

Install door sections by keeping the accurate level of the garage door and if you observe disturbance in the level the place a shim on one end and attach hinges to the second section’s long top edge. Stack the second section on to the first section and attach hinges to the bottom of second section and do same practice with the remaining sections.

Add the door opener bracket kit to top of the door and attach the operator reinforcement bracket to the garage door. Now you have to insert the rollers into garage door hinges and bottom brackets, then assemble the vertical track on the ground.  Install vertical tracks with a bubble level on the top of each horizontal track to level them out.

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Attach rear track hangers to the garage ceiling by making sure that the hanger is positioned accurately so it won’t make any disturbing movement. Install springs and position the spring on the rear track hanger, and install the lock. The garage door installation isn’t an easy process  and the best approach is to hire a professional who can do this job for you. If you are looking for professional assistance, feel free to contact Garage Door Suppliers Edison for further assistance.

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